Pemba Boutique

Pip and Nancy Lawson met whilst studying art in Durban South Africa, we then went on to study and work in London for 3 years. This was the beginning of an extensive life together in travel, trade and retail. We now live inAustralia where we design our ranges.


We have owned shops in both Africa and Australia, and over time travelled far and wide sourcing goods for our stores, be it Australia, Africa, America, or Asia there are so many wonderful and exotic places we have visited!

Our philosophy is to buy as much as possible directly from the makers and present a highly fashionable and remarkable range of stock with a strong design element.


One sees a very different side to any place when there to trade and buy local goods, whether it is at a massive shiny trade show in Paris, on the mud floor of a hut in Mozambique or in the back streets of Cebu in the Phillipines.

Over the years we have bought beads and shells, fabric and lace, boxes and bottles.

Now it is time to introduce Pemba Boutique online store.


"styled in Capalana African Wax print" by Nancy


 "styled in Capalana African Wax print" by Nancy


In early 2012 Pip and I visited Mozambique in East Africa on a reconnaissance trip to find inspiration and new ideas for our next venture in Trade.

We travelled north from the capital Maputo to Pemba close to the border with Tanzania, then across to Ibo Island. Onwards into the rural areas and ending in Nampula. We were inspired by so many things, the vibrant colours of the Capalana cloth worn by the local women, the sunset on the towering hills that break the land and majestic Baobab trees.

Joyful children chased us asking for pencils, and helping us find broken pottery shards in the mud flats. Local fishermen sold us their catch on the roadside, such strange and colourful fish. We danced to the vibrant rhythms of the local band in a Maputo nightclub and chatted to the beautiful ladies who sell their crafts in the local markets.


We have brought together a collection of what can best be described as global fusion, clothes jewellery and gifts inspired by real people and places. A range inspired by Mozambique but sourced all over the world from our network of friends and contacts.


We will continue to find the fashion moment in the truly interesting and out of the ordinary.


Pip facing the wind with a flag of tulle on a model shoot on Noosa North Shore  


 Pip facing the wind with a flag of tulle on a model shoot on Noosa North Shore