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  • Is this a small taste of summer?



    This is a question we are asking ourselves as we wind up buying winter woollies in Australia, although at Pemba Boutique our philosophy is summer all year round!   Based as we are in Queensland Australia, with the Sunshine Coast on one side and the Gold Coast on the other, winter is a breeze that blows past and is soon over.   We are starting to think of all the best goodies spring will bring starting with choosing from first summer ranges, we have just had a sneak preview of the #OOTD label to see what is in store.




    So let’s begin with the gorgeous lace tops with names like Darling and Sweetheart! #OOTD have used a brilliant soft as silk lace, one of our favourite pieces is the adorable lace shorts with cute gold and enamel beads dangling from the tie belt and pretty scallop edges, another pick is the Darling top which is completely see through apart from the band of lining across the front, great with a hot pink bra or bikini top underneath. They can be worn together or teamed with a cute Rayon mini skirt in one of the Bohemian prints.




    There will be plenty of pink, lots of paisley, heaps of lace and plentiful palm leaves. The bright maxi summer dresses are just so wearable and perfect for beach and city wear, we are loving the summer dresses Marion and Michelle, both are made in a great soft (but no see through) printed rayon, with a deep frill that can be worn up on the shoulder or across for a more exotic holiday feel. Both have the most gorgeous lace on the frill giving such a feminine feel to the dress.


    Wear with drop earrings in a great bright summer colour from


    Soon we will be doing a photo shoot then summer is on at Pemba!


  • Tribal Vibes

    Bold colours, striking patterns and rich embroidery are all African inspired motifs that channel the exotic beadwork and embellisments of the traditional African tribe, Maasai. If such adornments sound familiar you're not wrong, traditional African jewellery has significantly influenced contemporary fashion jewellery, particularly here at Pemba Boutique.

    The beautiful Maasai women wearing their traditional beadwork. The beautiful Maasai women wearing their traditional beadwork.

    Beadwork has been an imperative aspect of the Maasai culture for many years and gathering to create colourful necklaces, bracelets and pendents is a part of the Maasai women's everyday routine.The Maasai jewellery is not only aesthetically beautiful, it also holds important cultural significance. The individual beadwork represents one's age and social status, generally jewellery with more colours and intricate embellishments will belong to those of a higher social status.

    Valentino, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014 shows embracing the African vibes. Valentino, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen Spring/Summer 2014 shows embracing the African vibes.

    These African motifs made their way to the Spring/Summer 2014 catwalks, with the likes of Valentino, Givenchy and Alexander McQueen all emcompassing tribal jewellery, colours, drapery and graphics in their collections. It is believed the Alexander McQueen collection was directly inspired from the pages of National Geographic itself.

    Corded Strands Blue Necklace Be bold in The Pemba Boutique Corded Blue Necklace


    The Pemba Boutique Corded Blue Necklace encompasses traditional African jewellery with its layered blue strands strongly resembling those of the Maasai women. The necklace further resembles the traditional beadwork as the blue hues of the Maasai jewellery almost matches the colour of Pemba Boutique's Corded Blue Necklace.



    Pemba Boutique's Sheba Pink Necklace features chunky beads and a hand painted wooden pendent which gives a modern and electric twist to the traditional animal print. The boldness of this woven necklace is certainly inspired by the animals and colours of Africa and with an accessory like this it's assured you'll stand out from the pack.

    Similarly, Pemba Boutique's Animale Oblong Necklace is also inspired by the Afirican animal kingdom, its tiger striped pendant will spice up any outfit and the earthy tones of the wooden beads and sequins are reminiscent of a sweeping African plain.



    To take this African trend to a whole new level, why not add one of Pemba Boutique's animal brooches to your outfit. Choose from Lewenhart Lion, Earl the Elephant and Geoffrey Giraffe and take home your own little piece of Africa!

    To ensure you're the first to catch onto this colourful catwalk trend, be sure to shop online at Pemba Boutique today for affordable, on-trend fashion and accessories.






  • Powerful Jewellery

    The use of crystals in women's fashion jewellery and how to wear them to your benefit.


    Crystals and gemstones have a rich history of legends and properties; a symbiotic union has always existed between human beings and gemstones. Evidence of gemstones being used for healing purposes dates back as far back as the fourth millennium B.C.E. Ancient civilisations such as the Chinese, Egyptians, Sumerians, Greeks and Romans have all used gemstones for healing in multitude of ways, whether it by ground into powders, concocted into elixirs, worn, carried or even just placed on the body and in ceremonies or rituals.



    Ancient Egyptian jewellery still provides inspiration for today's artisans




    In Greek jewellery gemstones were pierced, cut, abraded and polished or left as a natural crystal. The Greek were renowned for their art of gem carving.


    Jewellery fashioned with these gemstones and crystals also absorb their energy. The precious metals and colours used in the design of the fashion jewellery also work to enhance the overall power of the piece.


    When choosing an accessory that incorporates crystals or gemstones it is important to be receptive and allow yourself to be drawn to a stone that will have meaning for you. To help you with finding the right accessories we have detailed some of the meanings associated with the crystals and gemstones used in Pemba's fashion jewellery.

    All jewellery featured below can be purchased online at


    Agate: Strength and Courage

    Agate helps tone and strengthen the mind and the body, grounding and stabilising emotions and physical energy. Agate helps with the acceptance of oneself and in seeing ones inner truth. Its healing and cleansing qualities eliminate negative energy, soothing and calming the mind, body and spirit. Agate occurs naturally in many colours and has been used in this beautiful crystal necklace tied with dark purple silk made by craftsmen in Turkey. 



    Purple Silk and Brass Agate Crystal Necklace


    Clear Quartz: Energising

    Clear Quartz works on all areas of the mind and body, awakening, amplifying and transmitting energy as well as clarifying the thought process. It is an excellent stone for directing energies with more intensity; it connects you to your higher self and removes negativity. Clear Quartz provides clarity in thoughts and awareness. You can purchase this impressive piece of clear quartz here, set in a band carved out of natural, ethically sourced Buffalo horn.



    Massive Crystal Ring Clear Quartz


    Pyrite: Protection

    Pyrite wards off negative energy and physical danger. Pyrite helps to nourish the mind and body, promoting good health. It also enhances the emotional body, strengthening the will and creating a positive outlook on life. Pyrite is often called “Fool’s Gold,” for it's appearance but there is nothing foolish about the benefits of wearing pyrite as fashion jewellery. It symbolises the warmth and lasting presence of the sun and the ability to generate wealth by one’s own power. It is a stone of action, vigour and will, it enhances the wearer's abilities and potential, stimulating the flow of ideas. It brings confidence and the persistence to follow set tasks through to completion. To take control of your innate abilities and work to your full potential take advantage of this stunning pyrite necklace, available here.



    Massive Crystal Necklace Pyrite


    Rose Quartz: Love and Peace

    Rose Quartz promotes unconditional love, forgiveness, infinite peace and compassion. It creates harmony in relationships and teaches us about the true essence of love. It purifies the heart, allowing us to express our emotions. It reduces stress and tension, opening us up to love, sensitivity and compassion towards ourselves and others. Rose Quartz brings a deep inner healing, enhancing self love, trust, worth and confidence. It can be used to attract love into your life or to maintain happy loving relationships. The perfect gift for a significant other, or just a well deserved treat to yourself, you will love this natural rose quartz ring.



    Massive Crystal Ring Rose Quartz


    Amethyst: Intuition
    Amethyst is the stone of spirituality and contentment, it promotes stability, strength and inner peace in it's wearer. It is an important stone for meditation and enhancing your intuition abilities with its calming and peaceful energy. Amethyst provides clarity and enhances conscious perception and understanding. Amethyst is said to assist in calming the mind, reducing insomnia and allowing restful sleep, reducing stress, easing headaches and strengthening the immune system. Take a well deserved break (while still looking fabulous) in this amethyst fashion jewellery, available here.



    Massive Crystal Necklace Amethyst



    You can find out more about our favourite crystals on our blog here or shop the collection above here.

  • Boho – from rejecting the mainstream to becoming the mainstream

    Bohemian Style, with its flowing fabrics and ethnic influences has existed since the 1800s and it originally served as an unusual alternative to the current fashion trends of the era. Fast forward 200 odd years and new bohemian style IS a current fashion trend of the era.  The question is how did we get here and how can you incorporate this trend into your look?

    The bohemians appeared after the French Revolution; without the support of the wealthy, artists were forced to live in poverty and resorted to a nomadic lifestyle, wearing used and unfashionable clothing. With the Romantic Movement in the late 18th Century these artists began to express themselves through their clothing, rebelling against the fashion norms and the bourgeois lifestyle.  With the colourful fabrics and wide brimmed hats they closely resembled wandering gypsies who originated in Bohemia, an area of Eastern Europe and the Balkans. And so the term bohemian was born!

    In the 19th century the style became more popular. Artists of the era preferred the flowing, drapey fabrics, rejecting the corsets and restrictive clothing typical of Victorian fashion. The Hippie Movement in the 1960s saw groups of people rejecting the mainstream trends and mixing bohemian style clothing with ethnic elements.

    The early 20th Century is where we can see the beginning of the change from rejection of the mainstream to becoming the mainstream. Fashion Designer Paul Poiret brought together ethnic designs for western fashion, Russian peasant costume, Middle Eastern, oriental designs, and historic dress which resulted in the boho style becoming high fashion and eventually conventional fashion.

    Celebrity culture in the 21st Century conventionalised the style with the Olsen twins and Sienna Miller leading the way with the introduction of “Boho Chic.”


    Today the style is extremely popular amongst festival goers. Coachella this year saw a number of celebrities rocking the boho chic look. Vanessa Hudgens stood out from the crowd in a colourful kaftan maxi.


    Get the look in our Kaftan Porcelain which comes in three prints, Cerise, Aqua, Black and Lime.



    Or why not show off those pins in the shorter versions. You can choose from a number of prints in our Kaftan Bodrum in our online clothing boutique.


    If the thought of going head to toe boho is terrifying then follow our 5 top tips to incorporating the new bohemian style into your existing wardrobe.

    1. Go maxi – Maxi skirts and dresses are perfect for that easy laid back boho look (and good for covering up your legs when that summer tan fades!) Why not try our Skirt Maximum Benefit in Elephant Print for an instant tribal, ethnic look?


    2.  Don’t be afraid of colour – colour and prints are key to this trend. Mix and match more than one and the brighter the better!

    3.  Add a tunic. A tunic is the perfect shape for this trend, long and flowing and you can play it up or down with your choice of bottoms.  Try our Tunic Boho Lace Shift in red or white which both look brilliant paired with a long necklace which brings me onto my next tip…


    4. Accessorise! The boho trend looks best with a large statement piece or multiple items grouped together, try grouping some of our Beaded Bracelets together or wearing one of our Bangle Sets for an instant bohemian feel.


    5.  Waves and plaits – loose flowing hair is perfect for this romantic look, add a braid for some extra style credibility.


  • Lilly Pulitzer

    Lilly Pulitzer was the American dream: A socialite entrepreneur who turned internationally recognised fashion designer. Pulitzer's fashion empire is famous for its tropical print shift dresses and, intriguingly, her lighthearted embrace of jarring colour combinations like flamingo pink and apple green and was born, originally, out of necessity. Lilly and her husband Peter settled in Palm Beach, Florida shortly after their marriage. As her husband owned several orange groves in Florida, Pulitzer opened a juice stand and found that squeezing juice all day long made a mess of her clothes. Seeking to camouflage the juice stains, she designed a sleeveless shift dress made of bright, colourful printed cotton. She eventually found that customers loved her dress so much that she feverishly started to make more to sell at her juice stand. Eventually she was selling more dresses than juice and decided to focus on designing and selling what had become known as her “Lillys”



    In 1959, Lilly Pulitzer became president of her own company, Lilly Pulitzer Inc. From the 1960s to the early 1980s, Lilly's bright colourful clothes were very popular, worn by elites such as Jacqueline Kennedy, Caroline Kennedy, members of the Rockefeller, Vanderbilt and Witney families and other various socialites of the age. Jacqueline Kennedy, who was a former school mate of Ms. Pulitzer, was spotted wearing one of her dresses on vacation which sparked Lily Pulitzer's rise to fame.

    "Jackie wore one of my dresses – it was made from kitchen curtain material – and people went crazy. They took off like zingo. Everybody loved them, and I went into the dress business."

    -Essentially Lilly, A Guide to Colorful Entertaining


    Of course, the story was more complicated — full of joie de vivre though not entirely happy at the beginning — but then the beauty of Lilly Pulitzer dresses was that they were designed to be something of a disguise. Made of plain cotton, constructed so simply that they could be recreated at home, the modestly priced dresses embodied the “Puritan ethics of balance and value,” as Vanity Fair's profile of Ms. Pulitzer in 2003 described. They were accessible to most, but really wearable only by the few who were so rich that they could afford to have bad taste. A minidress of green peacocks dancing with merry seashells is not for just anyone.


    Passing away early last year, the legacy of Lilly's label lives on. Lilly the lady was so much more than Lilly the label,” Steven Stolman, a designer who consulted on a retrospective of Ms. Pulitzer’s work in 2008 at Parsons the New School for Design, once said reflectively “In reality, her persona was far more colourful than the clothes. In so many aspects, she was a very reluctant fashion icon.”

  • Drifter & The Gypsy

    This week we had a virtual catch up with one of our favourite boho bloggers, Micaela of Drifter and The Gypsy. This gal is cute, carefree and totally cuddly! Check out what she had to say!




    Micaela wears our Pineapple Bobbles Playsuit (Now sold out! But you can check out more of our fruity playsuit range HERE)


    Okay, starting with a big one!... How would you spend $1,000,000?

    I would keep some for myself (hehe) and spend the rest on various animal charities. It bothers me how so many animals are abandoned and mistreated.


    I knew we liked you for a reason! That sounds beautiful and fair-- just like you! Now, what trend would you like to see come back in vogue?


    Head scarves. Some people wear them real well (a goal of mine is to learn to pull off the look), but they still haven't made a complete comeback. It's such a classy style!




    We agree! On the topic of class: Diamonds or emeralds?


    Diamonds. A girl's best friend, right?


    Could agree more! Now to (much) cheaper guilty pleasures: Decaf or regular?


    I don't drink coffee as caffeine bothers me, but I drink tea instead. My favourites are chamomile, oolong and hibiscus.




    Oooh! Hibiscus sounds delish! We'll have to try it. When it comes to your surrounding (we noticed you're quite an outdoorsy gal!) do you prefer snow or sun?


    Sun. I am a total sunshine-loving spring/summer person. I do not like the cold! (but I also don't like being hot either hehe...)


    Ah, heat-- the curse of beautiful summer weather! What's your weakness: shoes or bags?


    Neither. It's sundresses. I own way too many sundresses.




    Probably explains the whole sun-loving-thing then! Before you go wandering in pretty sunny parks, what's your go-to breakfast?


    Oatmeal or a green smoothie with a bunch of fruit and lots of cinnamon and a cup of tea.


    So healthy and delish, we're so jealous! Favourite model?


    Ohhhh, this is a tough one. If we're talking in terms of top models, I'll name a few: Sasha Pivavorova, Lindsey Wixon, Coco Rocha, and Codie Young. There are more, but that's what I can come up with off the top of my head, ha.


    Lovely! Codie and Coco are a few of our faves too. What's your favourite fabric?


    Cotton. I own a few plain cotton t-shirts that are so soft and so comfy.


    I think you'd need that in summer! How do you think people will dress in 50 years time?


    I'm not sure. I get crazy ideas in my head that it'll be super futuristic and we'll all wear space suits, but maybe we'll be wearing the same things we wear now except they'll be vintage!




    Couldn't have said it better ourselves! Hope you enjoyed our little chit chat with this cutie and are now feeling inspired to frolic around sunlit parks in breezy summer dresses and head scarves (I know we are!). You can catch more of Micaela's adventures on her blog here or have a flick through her dreamy instapics at @drifterandthegypsy. See you next time!



    xx Pemba Boutique

  • Cross Borders

    Screen Shot 2014-04-04 at 2.08.53 PM

    Fabric with a boarder print can take a simple dress and turn it into a dynamic fashion garment! Designers such as Ellie Saab – featured above – and Alberta Ferretti – featured below – have incorporated border prints into their waistlines, hemlines and shirt collars for their 2014 Spring/Summer Collection. The placement of a border print can give a garment a seamless, professional polish which can certainly be displayed in Ellie Saabs rose garden themed, deep border prints. The border print can also transform a garment into a quirky and eye-catching piece. This is clearly translated in Alberta Ferritti Foldloric, vibrant and multicoloured border print layouts. In any case, a border print piece is an essential for your wardrobe this year!






    Add this border-ful look to your wardrobe! The Playsuit Perfect with Turquoise Border Print – featured below – is the perfect mix of boho girl meet retro mod! The colourful and vibrant playsuit will instantly lift your mood and its comfy, loose fit makes it the perfect item to wear on a picnic or having fun in the sun! 






    After the perfect easy, bright summer dress? The Dress Rope Bead in Navy Sun Medallion – featured below – is the perfect dress for you! Incorporating a fantastic trendy medallion border print this dress will take you from the beach to cafe lunches with friends. Or perhaps you prefer the Sun Medallion Tunic ? This gorgeous off the shoulder, border print dress – featured below – is a boho chic stable and traveling essential! Compliment the beige undertones with some tan sandals and loose flowing locks and you will be ready to cross borders!





  • From Roses

    This week we had a lovely chat with the beautiful beauty blogger, Rebecca Warriner, the face behind From Roses. This quirky gal and her British ways have truly stolen our hearts! You can check out more of her work at or on Instagram at @fromrosesxo .




    Rebecca Warriner, the face behind the beauty blog From Roses.



    Featured above:  Amazon Nuance Green


    What has been your most interesting trip?

    Definitely my trip to Shanghai with university in 2011 we went out there to work with the brand Superdry and it was incredible.


    How would you spend $1,000,000?

    Buy an apartment in either London or New York, set up my own business and then help my family out especially my dad. Then probably be really boring and invest it.


    What trend would you like to see come back in vogue?

    Colour blocking, always a fan.


    Diamonds or emeralds?



    Decaf or regular?



    Snow or sun?

    Sun for sure.




    What's your weakness: shoes or bags?

    Probably both I’m not too crazy but I still have more than the average.


    Do you think Elvis is really dead?

    Never really thought about it so I am gonna say yes.


    What's your go-to breakfast?

    Cereal on the daily but if I had the energy I would make pancakes everyday.




    Favourite model?

    Hmm Karlie Kloss or Lily Collins.


    What's your favourite fabric?

    Broderie Anglais


    How do you think people will dress in 50 years time?

    Probably just like today, maybe a little more edgy but trends always recycle themselves.


    Thanks, Rebecca! To find out more about her click here:



  • Backless is Back

    It is hard to miss the stunning array of backless dresses being paraded on the red carpet at prestigious events and award shows. The images above of celebrities Amber Heard, Taylor Swift and Emma Watson are just three examples of stunning backless designs on the red carpet over the last year and there was not a shortage of images to pick from! The backless dress creates a unique balance between revealing a lot of skin and keeping things classy – its suggestive and sexy yet subtle and mysterious and is continuing to be a popular style for red carpet events. Now even though this trend has been around don't think it is backing down – excuse the pun – high end designers are still incorporating this style into their latest collections. The latest star to rock the look was Emma Watson in her Christian Dior at the Golden Globes. As well as the high end designers there has also been a increasing number of backless designs on the streets. Check out some of the gorgeous street style images we've collected below.


    Heading to an important event in the near future and would love to incorporate the backless feature into you look? Search no further we have the perfect dress for you! The Maxi Belle Dress – featured below- has a gorgeous deep V back and being cut on the bias allows the fabric to create a beautiful silhouette that accentuates the waist, back and bust whilst skimming over the hips and bottom. The neck detail is used as belt to secure the line and can be tied in multiple ways. This dress will create a soft figure and frills over the bust means you don't need to wear a bra and multiple colours and prints will allow you to chose a colour best suited to your personality. Perhaps you'll chose a fiery red or a soft pastel, whatever the case the Maxi Belle Dress is the perfect dress for your next special occasion!

    Loving the backless style but wanting to incorporate this seductive look into your everyday wardrobe? We have some great casual alternatives! Check out our Nicole Top. This crop is perfect for summer and is available in three colours, black and white, blue and white and orange and white. The top is perfect to wear with denim shorts, jeans, mini skirts or even a maxi. You could even team it up with the matching shorts! What ever the case this top is a great way to incorporate the backless trend in to your everyday wardrobe!

  • Interview with Brown Eyed Mermaid

    This week we interviewed our fave little Instagram blogger and photographer Mary Kunigan! Born and raised in New York, New York (cue backing track) this little cutie is putting herself on the map with over 23K Instagram followers already! You can follow her daily musings and snaps at @browneyedmermaid but for now, check out what she had to say for herself! xo




    What has been your most interesting trip to date?

    Trip to hawaii. Learned to surf, scuba dive, snorkel, rode atvs through the jungle. The whole trip pretty much changed my life, because now I just want to live there when I am older.


    Ahhh, that would be the life! We'd love to live in a little shack on the beach and spend our days tanning and snorkelling too-- it's truly the dream! You know what's also a dream? Winning 1 million dollars (if only)! If you won that much money, what would you spend it on?

    I'd buy a little house in hawaii, then spend whatever's left over  on traveling the world


    A wanderlust gal, like ourselves! Fair call. Well, while you're off travelling the world, what trend would you like to see come back in vogue?

    60s/70s hippie style clothes




    Oooh, we love that! We're 60's gals at heart, ourselves! Now (if you had the money), diamonds or emeralds?



    Lovely! Now the BIG question, the one that divides us all.... decaf or regular?

    Unfortunately, I actually drink tea not coffee.


    We love a bit of tea too while snuggling up to read a book! So cozy! Speaking of, what's your bestie: Snow or sun?



    Oh no, maybe you should move to Australia then-- we've got a heap of that here! Alright, now what's your weakness: shoes or bags?



    Ahhh, see you're a bit a Carrie Bradshaw like ourselves! Now, conspiracy theory time, do you think Elvis is really dead?

    I'd like to hope he's not.




    Us too! What's your go-to breakfast?

    Fruit smoothie


    Oooh yum! Smoothies have to be the best thing in the world, we looooove them! BUT, before we yet carried away in a fruity frenzy, next question! Who's your favourite model?

    Cara Delevingne


    You and the rest of the world-- I think when Beyonce sung "who runs the world?" she actually meant "CARA!". But, bringing things back to earth, what would you say is your favourite fabric?

    Silk, for sure.


    But of course! So smooth and luxurious. Now last, but certainly not least, how do you think people will dress in 50 years time?

    Thats crazy to think about. I have no idea


    You and me both, sista friend-- we're all for living for today! Well, thanks for chatting to us and good luck, love!


    You can follow Mary on Instagram at @browneyedmermaid



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